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Practice Planning Strategies

  • Goal Planning: We begin with your aspirations and work backward to create a growth planning strategy that fits your unique needs.

  • Pre-Sale Planning: When you’re ready to sell, we have a dynamic network of CPAs and attorneys who will guide you every step of the way.

  • Exit Strategies: Liquidity events require careful planning and due diligence. We are meticulous with our exit strategies and succession planning, striving to earn our partners the best possible outcomes.

Legacy Planning Strategies

  • Bespoke legacy planning: Consider the future—what do you want to leave for your family and the world after you pass? Together, we’ll build a legacy you can be proud of.

  • Estate Tax Planning: How much of your estate will wind up with Uncle Sam? Navigating estate taxes means maximizing your contributions to your family and charitable donations while minimizing your IRS contributions.

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Cash Flow Strategies

  • Paycheck Optimization: Set yourself up for consistent cash flow, even in a market downturn or a sub-optimal interest rate cycle.

  • Innovations Strategies: Explore private equity deals for exponential growth potential.

  • Alternative Investments: Diversify your income stream to mitigate risk by investing in hedge funds, pre-IPOs, real estate, and other alternative investments.

Top 12 Reasons for Business Valuation

  • 98% of business owners don’t know their value. You can’t grow your value and optimize it without knowing where you are today.

  • Better to understand Your Business and its potential.

  • Know the value of one of your most important assets.

  • Protect your family and your practice.

  • Create a Succession Plan.

  • Pay the right amount when you Buy a practice.

  • Get what it is worth at Sale.

  • Create Buy/Sell Agreements with business partners.

  • Explore Funding Opportunities.

  • Establish a Trust or create an Estate Plan.

  • Prepare for Taxable Events such as gifting or grants.

  • 82% of all businesses owners that knew their value at least 18 months before their sale, increased their sale price by at least 14%