Protect Your Most
Valuable Asset: Time.

Optimizing Your Time to Pursue What Matters to You Most

Crafting Your Family’s Ideal Future 

What will your legacy be?

Managing generational wealth for families can be a complicated, multifaceted challenge that requires decades of experience and a delicate touch. At Ascent, our family office paradigm is founded on absolute loyalty and service to our families, and always begins with creating meaningful solutions within the family itself. As a family office, our ultimate goal is to help you secure and manage sustainable wealth for future generations, while considering the unique perspective of every family member.

The Most Important Thing

Wealth should enhance life—not complicate it. We create solutions that alleviate stress and help families focus on a happier, healthier future.

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Your Investment Opportunities

  • Private Markets

  • Tax-Efficient Investments

  • Real Estate

  • Qualified Opportunity

  • Private Capital

  • Private Equity Secondaries

  • Deep Network Sources

  • Private Placements

Our Methodology

  • Goal-oriented: We consider the micro (the members) and macro (the entire family) in every decision.

  • Opportunity-driven: We provide access to specialized investment tools and vehicles tailored to each family’s profile.

  • Education-focused: We guide our families through strategic governance as well as wealth and estate management.

  • Lifestyle-driven: We create custom solutions that accommodate your family’s day-to-day lifestyle (and long-term aspirations).

  • Future-focused: Always looking ahead at what tomorrow might bring

Your Personal CFO

Our financial acumen draws upon numerous private-sector resources that help us provide specialized, often overlooked insights into our clients’ organizations. As a Personal CFO, we often help our clients discover new efficiencies and streamline operations in order to preserve and reinvest capital.  

Powerful Resources for Your Wealth Creation Journey


  • Banking and Credit Consultation

  • Public and Private Investments

  • Tax Strategy and Planning


  • Banking and Credit Consultation

  • Wealth Strategy and Liquidity Planning

  • Estate, Philanthropy, and Legacy


  • Family Governance and Education

  • Lifestyle and Wellness Resources

  • Asset Protection Strategies